How to maintain your portable cabins

Keep your MECO portable cabins in top shape with these simple tips! 🏡✨

1) Regular Cleaning: “Clean your portable cabin regularly to prevent dirt buildup and maintain its appearance.”

2) Inspect for Leaks: “Check for roof and window leaks to avoid water damage. Repair any issues promptly.”

3) Weatherproofing: “Apply weatherproofing materials to protect against extreme weather and temperature changes.”

4) Pest Control: “Take preventive measures to keep pests out and protect your cabin from damage.”

5) HVAC Maintenance: “Service your heating and cooling systems regularly to ensure comfort and efficiency.”

6) Deck and Exterior Care: “Inspect and clean the deck and exterior regularly to preserve their integrity.”

7) Interior Upkeep: “Keep the interior clean and organized of your portable cabin to enhance comfort and usability.”

😎 Check Plumbing and Utilities: “Inspect plumbing and utilities to avoid leaks or disruptions in service.”

9) Safety Check: “Ensure safety equipment is functional, and create an evacuation plan.”

10) Seasonal Tasks: “Adapt your maintenance routine to seasonal needs for year-round protection.

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Meco India Private Limited is one of the Bangalore’s leading providers of Portable cabins in Bangalore. From its base in Bangalore, the company has led the way in designing, manufacturing and portable office to suit a variety of applications for commercial and residential markets.

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